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Client Testimonials

The following are testimonials from Global Link’s translation services clients: 

“Global Link was both professional and incredibly easy to work with. In less than 24 hours they filled an urgent request for translation and secured native-speaking translators to be at our offices for the following day. We worked with two different translators in person and both were not only efficient with their work but easily adapted as our translation requests continued to evolve throughout the day- critical for the timely execution of our project. Should we need translation support again Global Link will be the first group we call.”

Major Private Equity Firm


Global Link’s service was excellent and I was very happy to deal with your company when under deadline pressure.

Prestigious Boston Law Firm


I have known Global Link now for well over one year. We are using Global Link services for our scientific (clinical papers, Protocols, Medical literature, product) and Patent translations.

Per reference to our past interactions, we are very impressed with their quality of translations, competitive quotes and turnover time. With reference to one of our product related translations Global link’s turnover time was very remarkable (and they worked under very tight schedules). Our Medical and IP team are satisfied with their work and I use their translations (along with their notarized certifications) for our regulatory submissions.

We are impressed with the Global link’s discipline, quality and commitment. Per my personal interactions with Ms.Melissa Letteri, I believe she is a hardworking and responsible individual.

As of our company is concerned Global Link Language Services is its preferred choice for all translation related activities. We have a healthy relation with them and wish to continue the same in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Global Link Language Services, Inc and wish the very best in their future endeavors.

Pharmaceutical Company


You ROCK, Melissa!!!  You can put that on your site.  You can paraphrase my last few e-mails as well.  We love your company!!!!

Consumer Product Company


Your company has been patient, available at unbelievable hours and willing to do what it takes to get us translations in a hurry.  We appreciate you immensely and will refer you gladly.

International Healthcare Foundation


Thank you yet again! Your stellar service sold us.  You are our only translation source.

Major Financial Service Firm


We appreciate the high quality and your team all being on call for this. It will be a great benefit to patients around the world. You are true professionals.

International NonProfit Medical Foundation


“Great timing and service. Everything was perfect. Thanks!”

Major Law Firm


“The service that I found at Global Link was very impressive.  The service was prompt, professional, and very cost effective.  Furthermore, Melissa made the process so easy- she was such a pleasure to work with.  I now consider Global Link an extremely important external partner of ours.  “

Medical Device Company


“The document looks great.  Thank you very much for the high quality and quick turnaround.  I certainly appreciate it.”

Private School


“The Friday before the Fourth of July weekend, an important international client requested some immediate documentation to be sent over by Monday. I contacted a few agencies and was told that Tuesday would be the earliest possible time that the documents could be translated because of the national holiday. In desperate need, I called Global Links and to my relief, my request was accepted. I began receiving translated documents as early as Sunday, and by Monday, the order was complete. Thank you, Global Links, for your reliability and dedication!”

Software Firm


You’ve supported us in growing our business as the majority of the market is international.  We’ve won our last two proposals that you translated for us.  After submitting our response yesterday, we were pretty much told that the business was ours.  Great work!

Well-Known Technology Company

“Global Link is a professional, responsive translation house with the ability to turn around translations with short fuse deadlines in a timely, accurate manner.  If you are looking for a translation house with the flexibility to meet demanding business needs with an exceptionally high level of customer service, Global Link is your top choice.”

Large Technology Company


Our client was VERY happy with your interpreters.

Event Planning Company



“I’ve been working with Global Link on translation projects for the past year and a half. Melissa Letteri has been an absolute pleasure to work

with. She’s always quick with a response and the turnaround time has always been speedy!
I am looking forward to more communication and collaboration down the line, as well as spreading the word of their great work.
Thanks again Melissa, it’s been a pleasure!”

Security Firm



Global Link routinely translates complex legal and financial documents for me into English or from English.  Other languages have included French, Spanish, German and Hebrew. Their work is relatively inexpensive, their turn around very quick, their attention to detail and quality high.

Boston Law Firm



Both your interpreters were very professional and did a great job.  I had never worked with interpreters before so it was fascinating to see how quickly they were able to convey the message in their own language. They were very sensitive to the information that they were communicating.

Large Food Packaging Company


Twice has Global Link Language Services saved my business this year.  And just today they’ve done it again.   Every time that I needed translation it was meant for extremely urgent matters, and the work had to be done in a fast but highly accurate way. The amount of documents that I had usually worried me a lot, because where I come from it could take several weeks to get the translation done without any mistakes.  From the very beginning Global Link Language Services eased my preoccupations.  

Each of the three times that I contacted them I had loads of scanned documents and very often they were of poor visual quality.  Not even once has Global Link Language Services complained or delayed the process because of that, and thanks to their excellent and fast communication with the customer I did not have any hard time, not even once, which can often be the case in dealing with translation companies.  I would send them a pack of scanned documents, and couple hours or even few minutes later I would get a quote and an estimation of time.   In my case, at the end they have honored all such estimations and quotes.   

Besides the fact that they are professional and efficient, one thing that counted a lot of points for me was the feeling of trust.  I did not feel that my private information was being handled lightly, carelessly, or indiscreetly.   In regards to timing, I’ve got documents translated within 1 to 7 business days, depending on the amount of docs that I submitted.   The last time that I requested a service it took them not more than 24 hours. I am satisfied with their efficiency and I 100% recommend their business.

 Financial Document Translations   


I wanted to take just a moment to thank you and your organization for a job well done. Our 15 English business and legal
documents were translated into Simplified Chinese under an extremely aggressive time frame in order to meet our tight timeliness for
obtaining a Chinese business license.
I found both you and your organization to be quite exemplary in terms of responsiveness and the quality of work that was performed.
All of the work was accepted by the Chinese Embassy yesterday and we are extremely pleased that we can deliver the documents to our Chinese consultants on Monday.  
Homewerks LLC

I have been using Global Link services twice and highly recommend this company to everyone who needs professional, quick, and reasonably priced document translation!

 I needed to translate some documents for my immigration appointment and Global Link did their job perfectly providing me with high quality translations and letters of certification! If you need any documents translated for any immigration process – don’t think twice, Global Link is the company to deal with!

 It only takes one to two days to get translation emailed to you and another day (or two-depending on the time of the week) to receive letter of certification in mail (and, I am sure, there are other, ‘speedy’ options available for those who are running out of time)!

 Prices for Global Link services are very reasonable comparing to the prices of the other translation companies out there (I checked!!!)

 And also, I would like to mention very pleasant email communication with the staff member about my translations! And if it comes to issues, Global Link will definitely solve it to customer’s satisfaction!!!

I am a returning customer and recommend Global Link to everyone!!!

Certified Legal Documents 



Thank you a thousand times!! This really was an amazing turnaround and you can’t begin to imagine how grateful I am!

Anthony thank you for your hard work and good people!! You have a great team effort and I honestly appreciate it and will not hesitate to recommend your company and your services!

 Truly stars!! It’s 2 am in Paris and you just made my year!

Certified Document Translation

Technology Company


I have a number of matters that involve sophisticated fiannce-related off-shore paperwork (Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French among them).  The Global Link people have always been responsive, professional, competent, courteous and competitive.  I would and will use their services again.

Leading Boston Law Firm


Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job your team did today. They were so polite and knowledgeable. The team was so impressed with all of them, and our folks said they would absolutely work with your team again in the future. I’d say it was a huge success. I have nothing but positive things to say about each and every one of your staff!
New York Communication and PR Firm
To protect the privacy of our clients, Global Link has withheld our clients’ identity from the testimonials.  Please contact Global link for detailed references at or call 877-451-6655