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Software Localization- How It Works?

Localization (L10N) is the process of adapting a foreign-language version of your software products, Web sites, marketing communications, and e-learning systems. To successfully deliver your products and services to your specific global markets, a product, such as software or Web applications, must be localized to the target market’s native language, cultural conventions, and environmental and technical requirements.

Expertise In Software Localization

Global Link has been an expert in software localization for two decades. Our localization team of project managers, expert translators, localization specialists, and technical resources has many years of experience in delivering localization solutions to clients around the world. Our staff members work together to quickly deploy tested, high-quality foreign-language versions of your product to your markets around the world. Your product will appear to have been originally developed in the international market’s native language.

The Localization Steps We Take

Global Link has been specializing in software localization since 1996.  We customize the solutions that is the right fit for our clients.  Although, each project is unique and has it’s own challenges and solutions-the steps below is a general localization process.  We will develop the right process for your localization reuirement at the RFP/Quote phase.

Software localization steps may include:

  • Analysis and review of target markets to determine a product’s linguistic and cultural requirements
  • Replacement of content to meet linguistic and cultural requirements
  • Translation and engineering of product
  • Translation and engineering of online help systems
  • Modification of graphics to meet cultural standards
  • Linguistic, cosmetic, and functional testing

Languages We Localize

Global Link provides translation services in over 100 languages.  Our translators and localization specialists are native- speakers of the target language and have subject matter expertise.  We consistently provide translation in English and the major Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Global Link is committed to developing localization solutions that meet your foreign market requirements. Our localization solutions are based on proven workflow methodologies that combine high-quality translation, project management, processes, and technologies. The end result is a well-localized product that enhances your brand image in the world markets.

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