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Interpreting Services

Interpretation is a complex task, and the qualifications of the interpreters are vital to the success of an assignment. To ensure our clients receive highly qualified and professional interpreters, Global Link has a comprehensive interpreter selection process. We require our interpreters to have extensive experience in interpretation, they must have an in-depth knowledge on the subject matter, and they must be native speakers of the target language.

Global Link provides simultaneous, consecutive, and escort interpretation services for business meetings, international conferences, conventions, litigation, medical settings, trade shows, and social occasions. With our highly qualified interpreters by their side, our clients meet legal requirements, achieve business objectives, and effectively communicate to their customers, vendors, and community.

Global Link offers interpretation services in over 100 languages in various dialects. We have the experience, expertise, and network to provide you unsurpassed services in specialized subject matters, high-volume projects, and international conferences.

Global Link interpretation services include:

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