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Standard Translation Workflow Process

Global Link is a professional international communication company with a network of 4,000 language and technical professionals ready to exceed your expectations. This gives us—and you—a deep pool of talent and experience to draw upon. Whatever your industry and language requirements, Global Link has a team in place to assist you.

As the project flows from translation to editing to formatting, you can rest assured, Global Link will manage each and every detail of your project. The final outcome will be a high-quality product that is on time and on budget.  Our translation may go through some or all the steps below:


Translation Work Flow Process

1.   Evaluation: Global Link evaluates each project using the following criteria:

  • Target Language/Audience
  • Subject Matter
  • Turnaround Time

2.   Glossary Development (optional): A glossary is created to ensure consistency of terminology, so that translations complement one another and are consistent throughout your relationship with Global Link.

3.   Initial Translation: The source document is translated by a translator accredited by the American Translators Association. Translators are native speakers of the target language with a minimum of 15 years of experience. All Global Link language consultants are completely bilingual and have extensive background and/or training from renowned institutions, in addition to familiarity with your industry-specific terminologies.

4.   Quality Assurance: After completion of the initial translation, the translation undergoes a cycle of multiple step review by Global Link language professionals. The translation is edited and proofread for grammatical and syntactic accuracy and appropriateness of style and for possible omissions. The editor then works with the original translator to decide which changes to implement.

5.   Client Approval: This draft of the document is sent to the client for field and/or international approval. (Optional)

6.   Layout: Once client approval has been obtained, the translated material is formatted by a desktop publishing specialist to match the layout of the original English-language document unless otherwise specified by the client. (Optional)

7.   Translator Proofreading: The original translator now proofs the formatted text for any discrepancies caused by formatting, such as improper hyphenation, omissions, etc.

8.   Final Delivery to Client: The translated and formatted document is now submitted to the client.


All certified, mission critical, and highly sensitive content must go through Global Link’s standard translation workflow process. A Global Link staff member will advise you on the appropriate steps for your translation project.


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