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Web Site Localization And Translation Services

Translation of your Web site and marketing communication has become a key way of taking your message and marketing program global. Research shows that, although most of the world Web sites are in English, over 70% of the world’s Web users are non-English speakers. According to industry statistics, Web users are five times more likely to make purchases on Web sites that communicate in their own native language.

Global Link will adapt your Web content, interactive media, and printed documents in accordance with your international locales’ cultural, linguistic, business, and legal requirements. Your multilingual Web site and marketing communications will be linguistically and visually appropriate to your international target markets.  

Resulted-Oriented Web Site Localization Services

Global Link clients have achieved remarkable results by using our Web site translation services.  We advise our clients on the best ways to cost-effectively achieve results with their web site localization.  Our client’s  have achieved remarkable results with our web site localization solutions, including:

  • Increased revenue growth
  • Enhanced credibility within their global target markets
  • Bridged their language barrier gap
  • Developed new business opportunities
  • Created global brand recognition

Our Web Localization Services Offers

  • Assessment of target global audience requirements
  • Translation of all content (text, graphics, images)
  • Modification of all culturally inappropriate elements
  • Reengineering of site architecture to ensure Web site functionality on various platforms around the globe
  • Testing of localized Web site based on set guidelines
  • Maintain and update Web-based content

Languages We Localize

Global Link provides translation services in over 100 languages.  Our certified translators are native- speakers of the target language and have subject matter expertise.  We consistently provide translation in English and the major Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

A Testament To Our Work

Global Link has provided hundreds of leading organizations, emerging-startups, and government agencies- including global leaders in various industries- the ability to communicate effectively to their international audiences through web site localization and translation services. See why clients have come to rely on Global Link for all their web site localization and translation services needs. Client Testimonials

Our Commitment To Our Clients

Our web site and marketing communication localization team of experienced project managers, translators, editors, localization specialists, graphic designers, web developers, and quality-assurance testers will work around the clock to deliver a professionally translated and culturally appropriate web site and marketing communications that will link you to your international audience.  That is why clients like DHL, Barry Controls, Time, Inc., Bloomberg News and many other leading organizations have come to rely on Global Link’s web site localization services.


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