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Technical Document Translation Services

“Expert Technical Document Translation Services Since 1996″

Technical translation is usually intended for a specialized technical audience. That is why technical document translations should be highly understandable. The tasks involved in the translation of technical documents are complex and challenging. Since most of them fall outside the repertoire of ordinary translators, we hire certified technical document translators with subject-matter expertise who truly understand these issues.

We will not compromise excellence. We link each project with proper professionals—be they chemists, engineers, or translators with the academic background necessary for highly technical work. To ensure cost savings and quality, Global Link combines expert subject-matter translators with state-of-the-art translation tools.  Our clients range from multinationals, technology leaders, and numerous high-tech start-ups. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our Technical Translators

Global Link translators who provide technical translation services have extensive experience in technical translation and are trained as chemists, software engineers, petroleum engineers, electrical engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, physicists, etc.. In addition, they are native-speakers of the target language, have certification from recognized translation associations and/or equivalent educational background, and a minimum of 10 years in providing technical translations. See our translators qualifications page.

Types of Technical Documents We Translate

Global Link has specialized in technical document translations since 1996.  The following is a sample of the types of documents we translate:

  • Auto Manuals
  • Aviation
  • Bills of Material
  • Catalogs
  • Data Sheets and Data Books
  • E-Learning
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Installation and Service Manuals
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides
  • Marketing Material/Brochures
  • Patents
  • Requests for Quotes/Technical Proposals
  • Safety Manuals
  • Software API and SDK Comments
  • Software and Hardware UI
  • System Requirements Documents
  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical Training Material
  • Tender Responses
  • User Guides
  • White Papers
  • Web Site

Experts in the Technical Subject Matter

Since 1996, Global Link has produced thousands of technical translations for Fortune 1000 companies, , emerging start-ups, and government agencies.  With our vast network of expert technical translators, extensive past performance in providing technical translation, customized workflow process, and innovative technical resources- Global Link has become recognized as one of the most trusted name in technical translations. 

Languages We Translate

Global Link provides technical translation services in over 100 languages.  Our certified translators are native- speakers of the target language and have subject matter expertise.  We consistently provide translation in English and the major Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages, such as Chinese, Dutch, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

To learn more about how Global Link can assist you, contact us.

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